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V.30,no.4,Dec 2018
Journal Textile Coloration and Finishing
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2018 / V.30,no.3,Sept
Title Effect of Heat Treatment on the Color Developing of Cotton Fabrics Dyed with Different Combination Methods of Persimmon and Catechu
Authors Soo Jung Lee and Jeong Dae Jang*
Institution/Affiliations Pusan National University
Pages/Total page pp.216 ~ 226 / 11
Language Korean
Abstract The combination dyeing have been attempted to get the various color. The objective of this research was to study the color developing effects on cotton fabrics dyed with persimmon, catechu and combination of the both by heat treatment process. These dye were applied on bleached cotton fabrics for the dyeing before post mordanting with aluminium potassium sulfate, copper sulfate, and iron sulfate. The various color changes on cotton fabric were measured by color spectrophotometer. The heat treatment of temperature around 150℃ for an hour can reach the highest color developing. The dyed fabrics with mordanting were heated for specific time period, which was compared without the mordanting. The post mordanted fabrics showed that more various colors can be obtained using combination dyeing. K/S values of dyed fabrics with Al, Fe, and Cu mordants were higher than the cases without mordants. The Cu mordanted fabric showed very effective color developing by the heating process. The fabrics dyed with catechu lowered L* value with little changes in a* and b* values, while the a* and b* values became higher with heat treatment. The fabrics dyed with persimmon has the lowest L* value and more changes in a*, b* value with heating process. Therefore, K/S values can be increased effectively by the combination dyeing of persimmon and catechu. Colorfastness to washing in color change was grade 2-3 in non-mordanted fabric, and grade 3 in mordanted fabric. Lightfastness of the dyed fabrics was above grade 4.
Keywords color developing, mordant, catechu, persimmon, heating treatment, combination
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