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V.30,no.4,Dec 2018
Journal Textile Coloration and Finishing
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2017 / V.29,no.4,Dec
Title Functional Ingredients of Perilla Frutescens L. Britt Extracts and Preparation of PVA Nanoweb Containing Extracts
Authors Qian Wen Wang and Jung-Soon Lee*
Institution/Affiliations Chungnam National University
Pages/Total page pp.256 ~ 267 / 12
Language Korean
Abstract Abstract The purpose of this study was to analyze the functional ingredients of Perilla Frutescens L. Britt extracts and to confirm the possibility of producing PVA nanofibers using extracts. Distilled water, 3% aqueous sodium hydroxide solution and ethanol were used as extraction solvents. The electrospinning was carried out at a PVA concentration of 12%, an applied voltage of 10 kV and a tip to collector distance of 15cm. The contents of volatile substances, essential oils, total polyphenols and flavonoids of the extracts were measured to examine the constituents of functional materials. Flavor components and esters were identified in 3% sodium hydroxide and ethanol extracts. The content of polyphenols and flavonoids in ethanol extracts was higher than that of medicinal plants. 1wt.% of Tween 20 was added to disperse the essential oil components of the ethanol extract. Addition of a dispersant made it possible to produce a homogeneous mixture by having some compatibility with the ethanol extracts and the PVA molecule. When the concentration of the ethanol extract was 0.25 and 0.5wt%, relatively uniform PVA nanofiber having an average diameter of 350 to 365nm could be produced. The results of FT-IR, XRD and DSC analysis confirmed that Perilla Frutescens L. Britt ethanol extract was well mixed with PVA molecules and was electrospun.
Keywords Keywords Perilla Frutescens L. Britt, functional ingredients, distilled water extracts, NaOH aqueous solution extract, ethanol extract, PVA nanofibers
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Reference http://www.koreascience.or.kr/article/ArticleFullRecord.jsp?cn=OSGGBT_2017_v29n4_256&ordernum=