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V.30,no.4,Dec 2018
Journal Textile Coloration and Finishing
Year / Vol.,
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2017 / V.29,no.4,Dec
Title Mechanical Characteristics of GF/recycled PET Thermoplastic Composites with Chopped Fiber According to Cross Section
Authors Ji-hye Kim, Eun-soo Lee, Myung-soon Kim and Jee-hyun Sim*
Institution/Affiliations Korea Dyeing and Finishing Technology Institute(DYETEC)
Pages/Total page pp.239 ~ 246 / 8
Language Korean
Abstract Abstract Recently fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composites have attracted great interest from industry and study because they offer unique properties such as high strength, modulus, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, and damping reduction which are difficult to obtain in single-component materials. The demand for plastics is steadily increasing not only in household goods, packaging materials, but also in high-performance engineering plastic and recycling. As a result, the technology of recycling plastic is also attracting attention. In particular, many paper have studied recycling systems based on recycled thermoplastics. In this paper, properties of Glass Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic( GFRTP) materials were evaluated using recycled PET for injection molding bicycle frame. The effect on thermal and mechanical properties of recycled PET reinforced glass chop fiber according to fiber cross section and fiber content ratio were studied. And it was compared void volume and torque energy by glass fiber cross section, which is round section and flat section. Mechanical characteristics of resulting in GF/rPET has been increased by increasing fiber contents, than above a certain level did not longer increased. And mechanical properties of flat glass fiber reinforced rPET with low void volume were most excellent.
Keywords Keywords PET(recycled PET), thermoplastic composites, glass chopped fiber, compounding, flat chopped fiber
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Reference http://www.koreascience.or.kr/article/ArticleFullRecord.jsp?cn=OSGGBT_2017_v29n4_239&ordernum=